Getting Behind Prop 8

Leo and Me in the hospital
Leo and Me in the hospital

Okay, I’m going to preface this whole thing with I’m a little mad, a little sleep deprived and a little bi-polar with the Obama election and prop 8 happening at the same time. The following may not make sense, but if like me, you haven’t slept, had too much coffee and use sarcasm as a way to deal with your feelings (though let’s face it, I’m open to a cupcake or two as well), then you’ll get the spirit with which this is intended… That said:

Let’s all get behind Prop 8. Sure, the people who pushed it through are lying sacks of shit. Sure, churches paid people to go out in the street and not just demonstrate, but harass No on 8 folks, and sure, the measure is both discriminatory and shows complete disrespect for the separation of church and state. But really, that’s just piffle.

Piffle Point One: I think that when you’re beat, it’s better to join them than having your nuts repeatedly kicked in while struggling for your “rights.” So, how can you help California integrate Prop 8? First, every time you see the word marriage used to mean something other than a union between a man and a woman, you do whatever it takes to put an end to it. An ad says this fridge is the marriage of style and innovation? You write that advertiser, that magazine to let them know, here in California, it’s just a union, can’t be a marriage, and we don’t cotton folks using it any other way. Start boycotts of companies that refuse.

Piffle Point Two: The No on 8 folks are arguing that the method by which this amendment was added to our constitution is wrong. It should have first gone through the legislature, gotten a 2/3 majority and then presented to the voters – that a simple majority is not enough to take away the rights of a whole class (oddly called a suspect class) of people. But hold on a minute. If 8 stays in place and the court rules that YES rights can be taken away from people based on a simple majority, what doors open for California’s real majority? Think about it, what rights could get taken away and from whom? Just tossing out ideas here.

Piffle Point Three: If the California constitution is actually a dictionary, what other words can we define and therefore regulate? How about discrimination? How about knick-knack? Tchotchke? How about “shit,” “damn,” or “God.”

So let’s all get behind Prop 8. Because you KNOW its backers are right behind us and I DON’T think that’s just a pickle in their pocket.